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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  November 20, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>>testimony on capitol hill today us ambassador to the european union gordon sondland testified for hours before the house intelligence committee in the latest public impeachment hearing comey lover now has the latest. >>a witness who both republicans and democrats say helps their case. i was acting in good faith. as a presidential appointee i followed the directions of the president. gordon summoned us ambassador to the european union testifying that there was a quid pro quo for ukraine to announce investigations into president trump's political opponents. mister giuliani demanded that ukrainep make a public statement announcing the investigations of the 2016 election. dnc
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server and cory smythe. mister giuliani was expressing the desires of the president of the united states ambassador also saying the vice president the secretary of state and other top white house officials. we're all in the loop of what was going on with regards ukraine today's testimony. >>is among the most significant evidence today, republicans meanwhile highlighting what someone repeatedly told the committee. >>the trump never told him directly that security assistance was tied to the announcement of investigations any just said i want nothing i want nothing i want no quid pro quo president echoing this from the white house lawn i won nothing. >>that's what i want from ukraine that's >>in washington on comey lover now reporting. >>all right joining us now to weigh in on today's impeachment hearing is michael yaki him michael thank you for helping us with analysis of course ambassador sondland's testimony was highly anticipated because he had changed his testimony yeah,
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yeah he days of today it would seem to give mixed messages again that both sides are using to their advantage i don't know if it's really a mixed message because if you're a court watcher, this sort of became the. >>ha moment in the trial where someone finally pointed the finger at the at the big boss and here. very clearly gordon sondland said this is orchestrated by the president along with his chief of staff along with the secretary of state of course, rudy giuliani. i think point where people are trying to look at is that sumlin sort of faltered a little bit toward the end when he was asked when they talk to him at all what did the president say the president know no whatever was and no quid pro courts are hard to say that now but when you look at the date of that we figure with that was that would the first of all the question was on property said. when you think that ukraine was no quid pro quo any worse to come from a good. i think what you saw today's evidence this is all evidence it's going to be woven into a narrative he saw some of that and i'm just come clean. concluding statements today
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but there's a long way to go but this really is a was a big defining moment i think and amplifying what pam said both sides can take away something. >>the republican supporters to the rank and file trump supporters. there's probably not a big bombshell for them, democrats going to say aha like you pointed out and the polling and and the the senators and the in the in the republican senators right now we still don't see any big cracks in that support for trump the polling shifted very early on when the first one that actually the summer the transfer came out. >>i think it to look this percolate a little bit and but i mean let's be really honest is there going to be any change in the senate in terms of acquittal probably not. the question is is it going to be close and the closer it is the more uncertainty there is the worse it is for the president and his reelect and the worse it is for that for the republicans in the 2020 election that sort of where the game is being played right now because it's not going to be about can we get rid of this president because it's
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not going to happen unless something really really becomes out in public opinion shifts like 20 points. >>impression about the role the giuliani, a former mayor of new york rudy giuliani is he's just like all over the place and his testimony for most of these witnesses for there's a difference between using american presidents have use private individuals for diplomacy jfk famously used. >>a journalist to help deal with the cuban missile crisis but here where you're talking about someone who was actually promoting the centrally a crime and i think the fbi and the southern district of new york are looking at this from the foreign corrupt practices act. i think rudy giuliani is in deep trouble. i'm from here. >>we're looking at there's a lot of other things percolating as well. we got the tax case that potentially before the us supreme court so let's presume that to the president gets through all of this with no republicans flipping sides. not out of the woods and you still got it. collection companies, he's he's certainly not out of
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jeopardy and i think the biggest worry for him is he doesn't get reelected. the statue of limitations has run on a lot of these problems that he's facing with this with the tax returns for example, you look for look for money monday. a court is going to rule and don mcgann subpoena and if he rules in favor of the judiciary committee the floodgates could break and people like bolton pump pain others in terms of compelling them to testify real quick before. >>we go of course the democrats are debating right now those who are running for president that is sure the quick preview on what you think has to happen what will be interesting because it's against a backdrop of everything that happened this week but again you're people to judge and the question's going to be how many hits are people take on people to judge on his youth and inexperience because that can also backfire given the support that the democrats are looking for from the younger voters. all right michael yaki. thank you as always appreciate all right, let's check in with lawrence and get a weather update. >>guys mostly clear out there right now around the bay area is going to be a cold night.
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overnight lows going to be dropping off in the 30's 40's by day tomorrow. when jurgen we're talking about some nice weather 50's in the san francisco working their way down the coastline to see some cool fog moving in i think late in the day, 60's inside the bay had been long the peninsula you see those numbers on the mild side tomorrow afternoon and we're enjoying this nice stretch of weather of course we'd like to get the rain but that looks like it may be coming in fact high pressure going to get now the ways we get in the next week and guess what yep the storm door may just opened up we may have some rain on tuesday wednesday and maybe the following friday and saturday. coming up at 6. >>50 years and later native american activists marked the anniversary of that takeover about contrasts we take a look back in our archive at the occupation of the island back in 1969 and how hackers could be using your android smartphone to spy on y
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>>android smartphone have hackers may be able to use a security flaw in order to spy on you a firm called check marks discovered a bug that could allow a hacker to take control of your phone's camera that means someone could remotely take pictures and even record videos without your permission samsung and google phones appear to be most at risk from the security flaw. hundreds of millions of smartphone users could be affected. researchers say hackers can access your stored videos and photos and operate
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the camera even when the app is closed google and samsung companies have confirmed the bug and they have released security patches. >>a terrifying moment for a mother and her car was stolen with her 4 year-old child inside we have that story. coming up after the break.
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>>the state's top emergency management officials getting candid about his concerns was how the utilities are handling the public safety in these
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power shut-offs from forres capital bureau reporter ashley's of allah explains. >>you don't just see ball so rapidly. hello. yes, director mark ghilarducci reflecting on the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. he says the campfire highlighted the importance of situational awareness and staying on top of dangerous weather patterns we need to know where they're at so that we could preposition assets. or weaken the q a areas he says this new sense of awareness helped in pre evacuations for the recent kincade fire. so that firefighters could focus more on the fire as opposed to search and rescues you don't want >>overdoing and you don't want do a mass when there's not you know a legitimate threat and so that's where that situation awareness that good intelligence crosses over in the past as you know, we says we didn't have that great situation awareness and we went out in front of the event that people being we were pre
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positioning resources to the degree that we are now. it was more reactive. this is a much more proactive approach and i think in that it's it's more life savings. >>the chaos of the camp fire was made even more complex by utilities pg e has admitted to sparking it well cell service providers had poor connections ghilarducci says the issues with the genie speak for themselves right now with the company in bankruptcy and under intense government scrutiny he says his agency is pushing for stronger equipment from telecommunications providers, especially with utilities intentionally cutting power to limit their chances of starting a fire they need to step up and make sure that that is as resilient. >>and what i call public safety great feeling something that's going to withstand the kind of threats that exist. it's got to be much better than what we've been seeing i also asked the director if there's been any changes in the interaction between the federal government and the state at this emergency level. >>he says there's politics and there's operations he says in the space of emergency
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management they've had no problems. reporting in sacramento actually kron 4 news. >>today about 150 people gathered at alcatraz to mark the 50th anniversary of a takeover of that island by native american activists for was there when it happened back in 1969. here's a look back. >>about people coming in and getting sought asylum, what are you doing in terms of food or the 2 loaves of bread and we kenya so for me what what do you hope to accomplish by this occupation. we go in as island where to look to to go is on for people as a cultural national cultural center for a new people last year last
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>>of sums it up the before we reclaim this island. indian nations for all these reasons then we feel this claim is just improper in this land should rightfully be granted to us for as long as the river show run show sure in shell signed the sign indians of all tribes november, 19 69 san francisco, california. the actual island. you know actually file a form a claim on the island. yes, we will result of the board and to the east what this time i believe there's already been a letter somewhat somewhat of a surprise for may shun that's already been issued to the president states one to the united nations. you're going to the board of supervisors, how soon will you be going to the board just as soon as we get back what's his nation. an american indian nation. >>a new exhibit is now open on
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alcatraz it's highlighting the history of the takeover it will be up for 19 months which is how long. native americans spent on the island before a small crowd was forcibly removed. >>the minneapolis mother and daughter our home tonight together after a terrifying morning in a parking lot, a man stole their car our with a 4 year-old girl in the backseat and they told reporter john larson what happened and how they were finally win for united. i literally felt like i was watching a horror movie but i was actually living at general multi never imagine putting air an entire would lead to every parent's worst nightmare. >>early monday morning. she was filling up the rear passenger tire of her car. she noticed the weight ship i felt something like heavy, you know like way down the car in the car door slam and thinking no way that with my daughter at that point i realized ok mike my car's been stolen as the thief put the car in reverse jenna frantically trying to open the doors but they were
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like appoint the car drove off and i just starts screaming at the top of my lungs like. >>my daughter's someone help me my baby and she and other witnesses began to run after the vehicle as the thief drove into a nearby grocery store parking lot. and then he did something unexpected he stopped at the high grocery store. >>out of the car seat and. her outside of the car like ran up to my daughter and squeezed her and i like cops of our nora was also in tears but relieve very happy to see me again. >>and it turns out she had some choice words for the thief when they were in the car together. >>i didn't care about my car take my car take whatever you want, but this is there a place most i'm just happy that she's ok and she's still here. >>happy ending there that was john alerts in reporting jenna says next time no matter how cold or does she will turn off
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her car and lockett well she puts erin her tires. >>for your money this evening, the nonpartisan legislative analyst's office predicts a california will have a billion surplus next year. but that office cautions lawmakers not to spend all of it. analysts say that california's budget is enough to make it through a typical recession. the state's savings account is expected to grow to billion by the end of 2021. the fiscal year, the size of the surplus depends on whether or not the federal government approves california's ability to tag. the groups which manages the state's medicaid plans. that tax is expected to generate about billion. san francisco-based wells fargo says that it has stopped charging late fees on student loan payments, the bank says it ashleigh has not charge fees since november, the 5th. it has all unpaid late fees are being waived. interest will continue to accrue if no payments are made on the
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overall balance wells fargo says the policy includes student loans from other islanders that our pop of a wells fargo consolidation loan. coming up it looks like 49 ers will be without their 2 possibly best receivers for this big sunday night game against the packers mark and jason will. >>set you up a bay area sports night by breaking down there. injury woes. >>they get ready for a cold night around parts of the bay area the winds. yeah they're going to call down to we've got a rain the foreca
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>>a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight, you know i was driving by fisherman's wharf a mark and jason and i saw much a cheesehead already already it's only wednesday became the sunday night but the biggest game of the year 49 ers past. >>actors year ago levi's now it's such an important match up and the 49 or injuries now the done well making it work. out the season but can the niners win this game at half strength jason. >>is going to be top i don't want to say they have no chance of course they have a chance but no obviously they're going the undermanned know george kittle no manual. sanders. 2 of the other biggest threats on it would be it's going to be a tough matchup even if they're at full strength from the fact that they're missing some guys
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obviously kwon alexander's been out for a couple weeks now. it's going to be is going to be interesting to see how the league rob lowe does against that will improve packers beat them. >>and we'll break it all george kittle of practice know emmanuel sanders know matt breida those are some other names today to not be out in the field and santa clara we'll talk about it all a bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. >>on the cheeseheads already can that is crazy i to you you know it's called wisconsin's like i can understand why they're out here. thanks >>we'll take a look at this a bear found himself trapped inside somebody is caught are the placer county sheriff's office posted this video on social media today, the animal was apparently looking for food when they got stuck inside. deputies found the bear and it said it free but not before did a lot of damage to that car's interior the sheriff's department warns residents do not to leave food in your car and a lot of your door to situations unbearable
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the nominees for the 62th annual grammys are in one big winner already is lizzo. >>the singer saw her star rise quickly this year she leads the pack with 8 nominations. will be duking it out was on eve or billie eilish are on the ecord ny others for of the year the hour was the year song of the year and best new artist categories are equally divided with 8 nominees each the show is set to air on january 26 night. i'm with you said, yeah, she's going get a kurd out mostly clear skies. those calling down in some parts are still win the mountaintops in the north bay but otherwise. >>look good out toward the golden gate bridge we've got mostly clear skies going to be cold night ahead. these temperatures dropping off you can see some of these winds now 22 in the snow right now 20 and a fairfield around the west the bay area how about that comb in the hayward right now only 3 mile an hour in san jose and only 4 miles per hour
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in the san francisco. so we're going to bring an end to those winds bring a little more sunshine, couple patches of fog moving along the coastline. temperatures will be in the 50's and the 60's tomorrow, and how about this i am loving this. we have a great weekend this weekend but get a load of this next week. yeah we've got a series that's right. i said a series of possible storms, way of stuff but words like possible in their cars so far the forecast looks is impressive. as i've seen all season we love hearing thank you so much, thank you for being with us tonight. >>we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock. the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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president trump erupts. >> ready? you have the cameras rolling? >> all the president's notes. >> i want nothing. i want nothing. >> then fraternity hazing scandal. cops say the 18-year-old freshman died after ingesting laughing gas. what his grieving parents are telling "inside edition." >> if that can happen to our son, it can happen to anybody. >> plus prince andrew bombshell. >> deborah: he says he's stepping back from all interviews after


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